Dobrna was given municipality status after the 1998 reform of local self-government in the Republic of Slovenia. On a total surface of 31.68 km², the municipality has 2,164 inhabitants.

There are 11 settl ements in the Dobrna municipality, namely Dobrna, Pristova, Loka pri Dobrni, Zavrh nad Dobrno, Klanc, Lokovina, Brdce nad Dobrno, Strmec nad Dobrno, Parož, Vrba and Vinska Gorica. The largest settlement, the village of Dobrna, is situated at an altitude of 375 m. The highest point of the municipality is Paški Kozjak – Štrukljev vrh (1,227 m).
The distance to the administration centre in Celje is 18 km and 10 km to the town of Velenje. The distance to the nearest airport in Maribor is 60 km, 85 km to the Brnik airport and 120 km to the Graz airport.
Dobrna enjoys a very mild climate. Paški Kozjak shelters the basin in the north, keeping out
the cold north winds. The average annual temperature is 8.4 °C, the average summer temperature is 16.5 °C, the average temperature in August is 18.4 °C and the highest temperature in August is 31.5 °C. There are on average 97 rainy days a year, with annual precipitation of around 960 mm and 8% average humidity.

By approving three site plans, the Dobrna Municipality has expanded its options for the development of tourism and other business opportunities.